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Descending from a filmmaker background, his father, Árpád Szabó was a cinematographer of documentary- and short films, his mother, Anna Szántó a dubbing director. He recieved his diploma in 1975, from the Hungarian University of Film and Theatre Arts, where he began teaching almost instantly afterwards.
Szabó was the cinematographer of the cinematic picture „Revolt of Job” nominated for Oscar in best foreign language film category in 1984. His other work „Meteo” shot at the time of the change of regimes in Hungary, was holding the boards at the cinemas for years, becoming a cult classic of the 90’s. Vilmos Zsigmond, ASC, Oscar winning cinematographer, chose to work with Szabó on his only directorial work, a movie with Liv Ullmann and Michael York. He has shot multiple features in Holland, the best known is „Tirza”, which was the Dutch nominee for the 2011 Oscars.
As a cinematographer, he has worked in over 30 feature films, numerous documentaries and shorts, having cooperated with over 40 directors. He also worked on many Hungarian and European tv-commercials, music videos. His films have won over 50 awards in Hungarian and international festivals.
Co-founder and leading member of HSC (Hungarian Society of Cinematographers)


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