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About Finland

Finland offers diverse landscapes and filming possibilities throughout the year thanks to its unique natural conditions–from midnight sun and summer heat to long winters and guaranteed snow. With a thousand kilometers of coastline, over 188,000 lakes and almost as many islands, vibrant modern cities, charming old wooden towns and almost 40 national parks, Finland has it all.
Finland is known for being one of those countries that just works. Airplanes and trains run on time, restaurant bills have no hidden charges, and streets and runways are kept clear even if there was a severe snowstorm the previous night. Finland is also one of world’s safest and most incorrupt countries.
Finland has Europe’s largest archipelago off the southwest coast. A quarter of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle. Finland is the most heavily forested country in Europe. The country shares a border with Russia to the east, measuring 1,269 km. Its other neighbors are Sweden and Norway.
With four distinct seasons, the Finnish climate is marked by cold winters and warm summers. The temperatures vary between +25℃ in the summer and -25℃ in the winter.
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