Le dormeur / Sleeper

Short film

Robert Ralston
Line Producer
Dalma Hidasi
Richard Szotyori
Richard Szotyori
Tamás Keményffy
Camille Bouzaglo, Richard Szotyori, László ifj. Jászai, Lajos Mezey
Release date
2 August 2003

Film Story

Anna and Paul lead a very straight life, only composed by mechanical habits. One day, exhausted, Anna decides to leave, just putting a note on the table. Paul's narrow universe suddenly collapses. Next day, the agent of a washing powder company rings at his door: he is the winner of their extraordinary quiz; his prize, a fantastic red Lamborghini, is waiting for him, down in the courtyard. It's the beginning of Paul's nightmare.


- Eastman Kodak Award - Locarno International Film Festival 2003
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