Now you see me, now you don't

Drama, short, thriller

Dalma Hidasi
Attila Szász
Attila Szász
Tamás Keményffy
Ernő Fekete, Dóra Létay, Ábrahám Vitéz
Release date
5 February 2005

Film Story

It seemed like an ordinary day. Dad is experimenting in the lab, Mom is at home boiling water, while their six-year-old son, Alex, is playing around her. But this day is different. This day Dad brings something home from the lab. And the next morning Alex becomes invisible. Is it possible that a father makes his own son disappear?
Or is there any other explanation?
An unthinkable one...
An unbearable one...


- Best Foreign Language Short, 2008 Oxford International Film Festival
- Grand Festival Award (Short Feature), 2008 Berkeley Video and Film Festival
- Audience Award, 2008 MisCon Science Fiction and Fantasy Short Film Festival
- Honorable Mention (Best Drama), 2008 West Chester Film Festival
- Best Short Drama, 2008 Lake County Film Festival
- Best Short Film, 2008 Utopia Film Festival
- Redemptive Storyteller Award, 2008 Redemptive Film Festival
- Best Film Under 30 Minutes, 2007 Victoria Independent Film Festival
- Runner Up Short Film, 2007 Home Brewed International Film Festival
- Special Mention (World Fiction), 2007 Sedicicorto Forli International Film Festival
- Best Director (Short Film), 2006 Newport Beach Film Festival
- Best Short Film, 2006 Harlem International Film Festival
- Best Thriller, 2006 Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival
- Best Foreign Short, 2006 Cackalacky Film Festival
- Best Narrative Short, 2005 Ojai Film Festival
- Special Jury Award (Dramatic Short), 2005 WorldFest Houston
- Best Cinematography (Narrative Short), 2005 Golden Eye Film Festival
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