Lucky man

Short, drama

Dalma Hidasi
Tamás Keményffy
Tamás Keményffy, László Bakai
Zsolt Tóth
Imola Gáspár, Varga Tamás, József Medve, Péter Nagy
Release date
5 February 2005

Film Story

On the steppe nothing has changed for centuries. The sun is shining with the same ruthless. The sheep are grazing with the same ease. The dogs are barking with the same anger. The value of the human life has remained the same as well. Worthless.


- Best of Festival, 2006 Annapolis Film Festival
- Cinnematography Award, 2006 Crested Butte Reel Fest
- Silver Bear, 2006 Festival of Nations, Austria
- Platinum Award, 2005 WorldFest Houston
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