comedy, feature film

Dalma Hidasi
Tamás Keményffy
Bálint Hegedűs
Daniel Garas
Andor Lukáts, István Gyuricza, Miklós Kapácsy
Release date
23 October 2008

Film Story

Ógyarmat is a poor dead-end village near the Austrian-Hungarian border. One day, however, luck strikes them. They discover that an oilpipe is runnning underneath the cemetry. They hit upon the idea of drilling the pipe and selling the oil under the mask of a funeral.
Money is flowing. Everybody is happy and contented. But the next day they all start t oil for their own pockets. And the trouble does not come alone...
The representative of the Austrian oil company appears in the village to arrange the case but the village chases him away right into the police’ arms. The people of the village are d would not give up the oil. They stand up against the police power using an idea that seem perfectly. The only thing is that the ideas that seem perfect do not always come out right.


- Best Actor, 2009 Mlada Boleslav Festival of European Film Smiles
- Best Screenplay, 2009 Hungarian Film Week
- Best Actor, 2009 Hungarian Film Week
- Best Sound, 2009 Hungarian Film Week
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