The Gastronomy of Love

TV movie

Dalma Hidasi
Isti Madarász
Bálint Hegedűs
Daniel Reich
Zoltán Bereczki, Eszter Balla
Release date
14 December 2017

Film Story

What makes the city's coolest restaurant go bankrupt? What does a chef cook up when he is in love? How do you convince a hard-hearted gastro blogger? And what is the taste of love like? Isti Madarász’s gastro musical, The Gastronomy of Love (Egy szerelem gasztronómiája) answers all these questions.
The creators of this TV film intended to honor the Hungarian national musical film tradition and the renaissance of the Hungarian gastronomy at the same time. With big heart and with many visual jokes and playfulness in music, the creator brings back the golden era of the Hungarian musical film of the pre-World War II era.
The autonomous, determined and eccentric chef, the protagonist of this gastro-romantic musical,
has to realize the importance of belonging, teamwork and, of course, love. The movie invites its
audience for a fun and playful genre-based adventure into the world of the popular gastronomy to
tell a captivating story worth to remember.


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